Nicolas Carter: Harp Music from Paraguay and Latin America


OCT 8-10: Nicolas Carter and Son Del Sur:  Harp Music of Paraguay and Latin America

Thursday, Oct. 8  1:00 Lecture-Demonstration, Sundin Music Hall, Hamline University

Friday, October 9, 7:30 Concert (7 pm Pre-show talk) Sundin Music Hall, Hamline University

Thursday, Oct. 8  10 am  Hamline Elementary School Program, Sundin Music Hall

Sunday, Oct. 11  2- 4pm La Peña Public gathering with the musicians for mate, snacks & music, Bush Center HUB (basement level)

Tickets are available at the door, by calling Sundin box office or online at

Son del Sur (meaning song from the south) delights audiences with their unique combination of Latin American traditional and contemporary music.

With an expansive repertoire and incredible assortment of instruments, Son del Sur explores the rich heritage of Latin American folk music and expresses the soul and beauty of the Latin American continent and its amazing blend of cultures. Son del Sur plays Colombian cumbias, Paraguayan polkas, Venezuelan joropos, Andean huaynos, romantic ballads, and more.

Son del Sur founding musicians Nicolas Carter and Mauricio Sanchez are the core musicians and when performing as a quartet as in this concert, they are joined by Other musicians performing in Son Del Sur include Micheal Bissonnette,  (Percussion)   and Dan Arlig (acoustic bass).

In true Latino-style, Son del Sur warmly welcomes audiences to enjoy the beauty of the music and experience their own introspective exploration of indigenous and contemporary cultures through the sharing of personal reflections on life and cultures that complement the musical journey.


Musician Bios

Nicolas Carter, Paraguayan lever harp

Nicolas Carter was raised in Paraguay where he learned to play the Paraguayan harp, the national folk instrument. He has been composing, recording and performing harp music for more than 20 years and has recorded nearly a dozen albums in the United States, Europe and South America, both as a solo artist and with Latin American and world music ensembles.

Nicolas finds inspiration for his original compositions from observations of nature and in precious moments of everyday life. His performances integrate harp music with these observations and reflections on culture, often with a hint of humor, to create a warm and inviting experience for audiences. He is often a featured concert performer and master teacher at national and international harp festivals.

Nicolas holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in theatre directing from the University of Minnesota and was a Fulbright scholar in France.

Nicolas began harp lessons at the age of ten. His teacher was Isidro Caballero, a master harpist who travelled extensively throughout the world, and father to Nicolas Caballero, one of the most accomplished and famous Paraguayan harpists in the world. Nicolas learned harp in the traditional folk manner; he learned by ear, worked on finger techniques, and developed strong memory and improvisational skills. Nicolas started his career as a musician at eighteen years of age when he returned to the United States to study at the University of Minnesota. Away from his homeland, he developed a new sense of appreciation for the Paraguayan harp. The music became the means to be connected to the memories of the past and to rejoice and share with others the music and traditions of Paraguay. During his college years, he became an accompanist to popular Paraguayan singer Lizza Bogado and performed in concert with Lizza throughout the United States and in Sweden.

Through the years, Nicolas began focusing on developing his repertoire of original music, blending textures of Latin American music with influences of world contemporary music. He performed solo harp and also collaborated with other experienced and talented local musicians, including Renato Lombardi (guitar), Pedro Torres (guitar), Gary Shulte (violin), Michael Bissonnette (percussion) and many others.

Nicolas is a respected member of the Compas and Young Audiences teaching artist rosters, and most recently he has been a teaching artist in two programs designed to improve student engagement and achievement through the arts. As a teaching artist for the Arts Courses for Educators (ACE) program developed by the Perpich Center for Arts Education (PCAE), Nicolas provided arts training for teachers, as well as hands-on instruction to help teachers learn ways to integrate arts into their teaching of other core subject areas.

At Neighborhood Bridges, a program developed by The Children’s Theater, Nicolas works with teachers and students to engage students creatively and bring stories to life through drama to enhance critical literacy skills.

Mauricio Sanchez, (guitar, charango, Andean flutes)

Mauricio Sanchez, a master musician originally from Mexico, has performed with different Latin American folk music ensembles- from Afro-Caribbean, traditional Andean and Mexican, to autochthon music from the Americas. Mauricio has mastered many instruments and incorporates string instruments such as guitarron (Mexican bass guitar), vihuela (Mexican accompaniment guitar), charango (lead and accompaniment guitar from the Andean countries), acoustic guitar, with a variety of wind instruments from Andean countries (quena, quenacho, sikus, and more) and percussion instruments from throughout Latin America.

His vision of cultural roots inspires him to create original music rich in expressions with a timbre of contemporary and ancestral instruments in an exploration of signs generated in indigenous and contemporary philosophies of art.

Mauricio holds a masters degree in Architecture from the University of Arizona.

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